About Rozzelli

Rozzelli Industrial Vacuum Systems is an Italian designed and built Industrial Commercial Vacuum with one of the most innovative and technologically advanced systems on the market. We build three sizes of vacuums with Centrifugal Fans and Turbines.
Our entire line of Industrial Commercial Vacuums can be seen in our product line of machines. All of our units are built with very high standards, no compromising and with the best possible Italian made components.
We offer our customers a variety of optional equipment to enhance our machines capabilies and performance. In addition, we  offer to help make your machine  a “Vacuum Friendly” machine with our knowledge and engineering expertise. 
Exceptional & Versatile Vacuums
Rozzelli’s Vacuums will collect chips as well as other objects or spills in many industries. Rozzelli’s Industrial Vacuum Systems stand out for their very high quality, attention to details and for their unique Italian design.