Rozzelli’s Vacuums 500 Series are designed to handle tough jobs like sand blasting which is one of the toughest jobs for a vacuum to handle. To handle such job we had to build a special cage to trap the flying sand in all directions. 

Metal Chips

Rozzelli has designed all of its models to handle metal chips of all kinds. The expertise we developed for chip collection is unique with our ability to capture the majority of the flying chips while your machine is in full operation.

Fiberglass &

Rozzelli’s entire line of vacuums has been designed to handle Fiberglass and Composite material which are consider harmful and dangures to handle and to collect. With our unique twin system Vacuum we can accomplish this job.


With our versatile Industrial line of vacuums and the variety of the product range, and all additional available optional equipment is enable us to satisfy the entire construction business requirements.

Machinery Chips
& Lubrication

Rozzelli has designed and experimented with a range of industrial vacuum devices perfect for any industry that generate chips and industrial dust.


The Rozzelli industrial vacuums and suction devices represent the best solution to suction oils, emulsions, coolant liquid, mud and sludge.

Leathers &


Rozzelli has designed and experimented with a range of industrial vacuum devices which is specific for the footwear factory production cycle and to suction leather, fabrics and plastic materials.

Printed Circuit

Rozzelli has designed and experimented with a range of suction devices specific for electronic industries and in particular for the suction of milling and drilling scraps.

Food Industry

Industrial suction device solutions are necessary in plants which treat flour, manufacture freeze-dried food products, foods in powder in general and similar.

Plastic Vinyl &

Our Vacuums designed to collect any kind of vinyl, PVC, plastic chips, fine powder or toxic powders.

Floor & Machines

The range of Rozzelli industrial vacuums are ideal for all industry sectors and responds to the cleaning requirements of any company.