Our versatile Industrial Vacuums and variety of the product range, is enable us to satisfy the requirements of various industries. One of them is the construction industry. From the demolition companies to sandblasting, sheetrock walls, roofers and more, that are demanding industrial straight, quality and durability of their machine to be able to last for years to come.
Anywhere construction material is manufactured or produced, in any industry, We produce machines that will be able the handle the quantity of dust and debris to be disposed of, is always significant. Reducing the amount of debrie that are created and to be dispose of in an easy and managed manner, whether they are dust powder or chips that are created as a result of the process or demolition or construction debris, is of primary importance for operator safety and the sanitation of the work environment. Certain sectors may require suction devices with a very high filtration standard, or even eliminating the risk of explosion for which ATEX – area 22 certified suction devices are required, suitable for use when potentially explosive toxic powders are present. WE GOT IT!