Featured Products

Series 800

Featured Products

Flexible Collection Arm

55 Gallons Adapter

Large Capacity Floor Sweeper

Floor Scooper

Light Tower
Automatic Controlled Blast Gates with Pedal / Remote
LED Light Inside The Container
European 3 Phase Plugs, Male & Female
Wireless Remote Control
Hard Wire Remote Control Connected to Your Machine
Coolant Emptying Faucet 
HEPA Filter
Plastic Bag Insertion Kit
“TANK FULL” Indicator Light with Sensor
Soft Starter / Wye Delta Start
Carbon Filter Removes Oder and Smoke
Chip Collection Basket For Coolant Separation
Automatic and Manual Filter Shaker 
Forklift Lifting Adapter 
Air Puffers Controlled By PLC Chip Agitators  
Static Electricity Grounding Kit
Static Electricity Grounding Kit