Air Puffers Controlled By PLC / Chip Agitators

The Rozzelli Industrial Vacuum has an optional Air Puffers Kit that is controlled by a PLC programming device that agitates stubborn chips from being sucked into the vacuum by blowing forced air in their direction.

How the system works?

This kit comes with four heads that are made of a flexible stand and a magnetic base that can be placed anywhere inside your machine. These heads are hooked up to a PLC control unit that is activating the forced air movement every one minute for about 30 seconds and keeps repeating itself for as long as the vacuum is operating.

Why do you need it in some applications?

When you are operating a machine of any kind that throws the chips all over the place and some of the chips cannot be collected by the vacuum because they are hidden in hard to reach places, or the chips are just landing in places where the vacuum exhaust is too far away to be able to collect them, this system will blow air into these places aiming in the direction of the closest vacuum exhaust to help the vacuum collect those chips.

Keep in mind that when the chips have landed anywhere on your machine they cannot be collected by the vacuum any longer. If you use our system, it will keep these chips always airborne and eventually have the vacuum suck them in.

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