Automatic and Manual Filter Shaker

The Rozzelli Industrial Vacuum installs a pneumatic vibrator inside the filter cage as standard with any of our vacuums. This vibrator is activated by a press of a button to shake the filter from debris.

As an upgrade, we have an optional pneumatic piston that is installed inside the filter cage and shakes the filter bag back and forth at high speed to shake the actual filter bag from all debris. This option is available in manual operation or fully automatic operation.

Manual Operation:

By pressing a button, you can activate the piston to start shaking the filter. Hold the button for about 30 seconds and release. PLEASE DO NOT ACTIVATE PISTON WHILE THE VACUUM IS RUNNING.

Automatic Operation:

Every time you shut the machine down, the automatic shaking of the filter starts, and lasts for 30 seconds. If you, however, start the vacuum before the 30 seconds are up, the vibration of the piston will stop automatically.
When you have the automatic system you never have to worry about forgetting to activate the shaker. This way you keep your filter in optimum operation at all times.

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