Automatically Controlled Blast Gates, Pedal or Remote

The Rozzelli Industrial Vacuum can be supplied to you with manually controlled blast gates, hard-wired remote-control***, wireless remote control, or a pneumatic pedal to control a number of blast gates on your system. If you have a few machines that are hooked up to our vacuum it is recommended purely for efficiency reasons that you install blast gates on each machine.

If you purchased from us a powerful enough machine to collect from all your machines at the same time, you have done the right thing. However, if in your situation not all machines are working at the same time, and you would like to have a vacuum machine that is only powerful enough to collect from one or two machines at the same time, you will need to install blast gates on each machine. This way you can open or close each machine as you like.

*** Connection by hard-wired remote control:
In this scenario, your blast gates will open and close each time you will start to work with a machine. Put the machine on, the blast gate opens automatically, stop the machine and the blast gate closes.
For this kind of installation, you will need your licensed electrician to find a N/O switch (also known as “Normally Open” switch”) inside your cutting machine’s electrical box in order to have this kit hooked up.

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