Floor Scooper

Large Capacity Floor Cleaning Roof Gravel Collector

The Rozzelli Industrial Vacuum Floor Scooper is a custom-designed scooper for large industrial jobs. It will scoop chips of any kind, slush, rocks, and Floor, Roof Gravel Collector Large Capacity, sand, and much more off the floor.

This scooper is usually attached to a very powerful vacuum unit, turbine, and or centrifugal fan, depending on what you intend to scoop up. If the material you intend to pick up is very heavy, like rocks or gravel you will need to hook this tool to a powerful turbine unit with 15HP and above. However, if you intend to pick up metal chips, you can hook this up to a turbine unit or centrifugal fan unit with 10HP and up.

The Floor Scooper has a 6″ collection hose and can be supplied with an 8″ hose as well. The scooper front opening comes in two sizes:

16″ wide x 4″ tall
24″ wide x 5″ tall

The scooper is made from a combination of 10 gauge steel and 10 gauge stainless steel. The hose that is usually supplied with the scooper is a heavy duty flex hose with .09mm wall thickness as standard. It is operated on 8″ steel core polyurethane wheels.

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