Soft Starter / Wye Delta Start

The Rozzelli Industrial Vacuum will come with a Soft Starter or a Wye-Delta Start depending on how many horsepowers the unit is supplied with. At Rozzelli Industrial Vacuum we will supply all units that are up to 10HP without either the Soft Start or the Wye-Delta Start because there is no need for it.

However, any unit that is above 10HP and up to 15HP we will recommend strongly to the customer to have us install either one of these components. Any unit that is over 15HP and up to 30HP will come standard with a Wye-Delta Start, and any unit above 30HP will come standard with a Soft Starter.

Why do you need these two items?

When you start a large motor the motor is under a huge load and needs lots of amperages to start up. That’s called “Peek Start”. So, when the motor starts-up it is drawing,  just for a few seconds, large amperages, almost 3-4 times the amperages that the motor requires to work under normal conditions after start-up.

These two components help the motor, with a different configuration of electrical connection, to draw fewer amperages at startup and eliminate costly operation as well, and this is most important for prolonging the life of the motor.

Also, the electrical local company that supplies you with electricity, does not like to see these peaks in an electrical draw and may penalize you in cost due to the peak draw.

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