Machinery Chips and Lubrication

Rozzelli has designed and experimented with a range of industrial vacuum devices perfect for any industry that generate chips and industrial dust.

The 300, 400 and the 500 series suction devices are used next to your machinery; thanks to their air flow and depression characteristics they are ideal for intense collection of metal chips and metal shavings of any kind, wet or dry and almost any size chips, separated or as a bunddle. Featuring a spacious 160 litre tank, they can be used continuously alongside your machines. The use of high-quality standard components such as the high head side channel turbine, quiet and reliable, and the high flow rate of our centrifugal fans, allow industrial suction devices to operate continuously with a noise level below 80 dB(A) without requiring any type of maintenance. The standard pneumatic vibrator filter shaker, guarantees perfect and efficient filtering.