August 29, 2019

Today we are finally launching our blog page to help our customers keep up to date information on what is currently happening in our company and our plans for the near future.

First, we would like to thank all of our customers that are currently and actively buying our products. The compliments we get on our product as far as looks and performace are overwhelmingly supportive, and to get this nice pat on the back give us a sense of accomplishment and boost as well as a big “thanks for the nice work.”

We keep improving our product every day. Commercial Industrial Vacuums is in our blood.

Just to give you all a heads up on what is next to come….we are at the end of the development stage on our new budgetary line of vacuums. The quality of the product has not been compromised in any way on these vacuums, it is just a simpler version of our current models and is limited to only 3 and 4 HP motors with Centrifugal Fans and or Turbines.

We are excited to annonce that It is coming out at the end of September 2019……

September 06, 2019

We are so excited about our new line of cleaning tools that have just arrived from Italy. These are super heavy-duty tools for commercial use, no one else is offering anything like this. 

Here is the list of our new line:

4″ round brush tools with 1″ bristles and a 63mm hose.
10″ oval brush tool with long handle, with 1″ bristles and 75mm hose.
10″ oval wet cleaning tool with a long handle.
16″ oval brush tool with long handle, with 1″ bristles and 75mm hose.
16″ oval wet cleaning tool with a long handle.
4 meter long crevices cleaning tool with 63mm hose.
4″, 6″ and 8″ round pipe cleaning tool for heavy cleaning work.

You will see all of the above on our website within a few short weeks. However, they are available for purchase now.

We keep on developing and coming up with new ideas every single day.

October 14, 2019

After a long time of continues requests by our customers, we are finally now in our final design stages of our tower dumpster with 1500 gallons capacity to enable to continually emptying the dumpster without stopping the operation of the vacuum.

You will be able to empty the dumpster on continue basis into a 55-gallon drum, a stand along dumpster at any size, 10,20 or 30 yards, or into a fabric bag at any size.

Your Industrial Commercial vacuum will be able to work non-stop to keep your machines and your shop clean of any aluminum chips or any kind of debris.

We expecting the unit to be ready by the end of December 2019.