Industrial Vacuum Systems

Rozzelli Industrial Vacuum Systems, is an Italian designed and built Industrial Commercial Vacuum with one of the most innovative and technologically advanced systems on the market. Rozzelli Industrial Vacuum Systems is building two kinds of commercial industrial vacuums for all kinds of metal chips and shavings as well as any kind of chips and dirt collection systems.
One line is built with centrifugal fans, and the second line is built with turbines. This is to achieve both, strong suction as well as high air flow with high negative PSI pressure, as well as extremely high lifting power. We offer solutions such as Explosion Proof vacuums for standard applications as well as customized applications with a large variety of units, to collect aluminum chips as well as any kind of metal chips, and dust, in the most efficient way.
Rozzelli’s Vacuums will collect chips, as well as other objects or spills, in many industries. Rozzelli’s Industrial Vacuum Systems stand out for their very high quality, attention to details, and for the unique Italian design. Our entire product line, each and every part and every component, is made in Italy, and under strict supervision to insure consistency, quality and compliance with all US and Canadian inspection labratories , for better flexibility and availability of the product to our customers.
We are researching and testing new products continuously, to improve our product line each and every day, to do a better job than any one else. Our well trained experienced team in this sector, allows the company to design, develop and introduce to the market innovative and efficient solutions that no one else possesses.

Some of Rozzelli Industrial Vauums Capabilities

Industrial Vacuum 55 Gallons Adaptor
55 Gallons Adaptor

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